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The Juggernaut (AKA Mark Peter Messare) has been "Equipping Leaders to Defend freedom since 1999 when he began teaching martial arts out of his home just outside of Amsterdam NY. In 2001 in the aftermath of 9/11 J. Legend & the Juggernaut began to work on what would become APLEA. Since that time he hast trained hundreds of individuals and groups in personal self defense and safety. In 2016 APLEA underwent another major change when the APLEA Rangers was born in response to the need to make this material available to everyone!! Not every training is free of course but the APLEA Rangers are a free organization that anyone who agrees to our code of ethics can become. In 2018 a new training curriculum was birthed called the Warfighter Initiative which offers 3 day Citizen Response Training programs that are available for everyone not just those in the martial arts world or professional protection industries. These 3 Blade & 3 Gun methods are designed to teach every able bodied American the basics of how to defend your family and your homeland against all enemies foreign and domestic. If you or your organization would like to find out more about us check out the APLEA Training Academy page or just look him up at : www.facebook.com/markmessare