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Mark Messare - USA Team Lead

Peace Ikpeka - Africa Team Lead

Drs. Israel Ikpeka - Director of African Chaplains 

Sensei James Long - Childrens Self Defense USA

Deborah Ikpeka - Africa Team

We are going to be taking a team into Lagos Nigeria in July 7-14th 2019 !!! We will be training the Citizen Response program to hundreds of Nigerians and working with Security, Police & Military to bring tools to keep people safe.  Last time I (Mark Messare) it was a solo mission and this time i am bringing back a team. If you are interested in going you should contact me at [email protected] or 518-818-8218. We are looking to have airline tickets purchase by December and there are many details to organize if you want to come with us. If you would just like to donate and support the team we are raising $15,000 for our core team. You can make a donation either with paypal www.paypal.me/aplea or through our fundraiser link. 

You can fundraise for your own trip as well. We would ask that you raise $2800 by December 31st 2018 to be on the trip which includes flight and all expenses. You will also need to acquire a passport and visa from Nigeria which is not included. 


1. Train Local Citizen Response Training - Self Defense (3 Day Training)

2. APLEA Chaplains International Conference (1st Annual) 

3. Build a bridge between APLEA Africa and APLEA USA : establish key relationship to bring missionaries to the USA from Africa and provide Lagos Nigeria & the rest of Africa with the Private Law Enforcement training methods of APLEA.

4. Begin the planning to establish a Headquarters and School for training in Africa where Chaplains and APLEA Rangers can be trained. 

5. Equip Leaders to Defend Freedom 

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A. Self Defense Instructors

B. Security Experts (a couple who will in charge of VIP Protection for the rest of the US Team) 

C. Medical Experts ( Nurse, EMT, Doctors, Military Medic etc)

D. Camera Crew

E. Chaplains, Musicians, & Ministers for the Chaplains Conference

F. Tell us your area of experience we'd love to have you on the team!!

Day 0 - Travel Day

Day 1 & 2 - Appointments & Interviews with key leaders

Day 3,4,5 - 3 Day Self Defense Training for Citizen Response Training ( This year being offered FREE of Charge: Typically $500.00 or $182k Naria!! Come become a part of history)

Day 6 & 7 - Chaplains Conference & Concert 

Day 8 - Travel Day back to USA

Trip total 9 days