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ATTENTION!!!! The Juggernaut is under Attack for 2nd Amendment Rights!!! Make sure you follow him on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest VIDEOS and Developments. www.facebook.com/markmessare 

Shot Heard Round the World Fund - Help Us Raise $1,000,000 to help fight the confiscation of American Firearms!! Donate $1 and let us know you are standing with the APLEA RANGERS  ---

Here's what has happened :

1. The Federal Govt. Confiscated all firearms & sharp knives of Mark Messare (AKA JUGEERNAUT) for failing to register the Micro Roni / Glock with ATF.  

2. They have restricted travel for the purpose of training American Citizens in our new Citizen Response Program

3. They have ordered him to wear a GPS Tracker with a curfew of 9pm - 6am unless at regularly scheduled work

4. They have ordered him to Daily Drug Testing Call in's with random Drug Testing

5. They have said that he is no longer allowed to visit his family in Rochester NY, or his Girlfriend in Springfield Illinois where he was moving out of state and planning to relocated the day they pulled him in 

6. He refused to work alongside the Federal Govt for the only reason that they were leveraging Bully Tactics on not being upfront with him. Had they reached out as an Equal he would have gladly volunteered the services of himself and all of the APLEA Rangers.

7. He has been told to stop exercising his 1st Ammendment Rights of freedom of speech in the creation of Videos

8. They have confiscated his laptop and other personal possessions totaling $10,000 

9. They have in effect put a full stop on the business of APLEA until further notice. 

10. They are mandating him to Mental Health Evaluations to determine if he in fact has PTSD. 

11. This is not the first Gun Confiscation of American Citizens and it wont be the last... Stand with us now!!

Order an Israeli Designed Micro Roni for your Glock and Help to Stand for 2nd Amendment Rights in America!!! *** If you do not Register it with the ATF be prepared to face the same charges brought against the Juggernaut ... Order today at MICRORONI

If you'd like to make a donation via paypal you can at : www.paypal.me/aplea